dimecres, 4 de juny de 2014


Last friday children from sixth level went to Mollerussa to take part at the second English day.
During all day  children from sixth level with   children from "Pla d'Urgell" played and enjoyed so much with t games and activities that  teachers have been made a long the year.
The only condition was that they must spoke and introduced themselves at their parnerts in english.They spoke all day in english that was the objective!.
They made a catwalk:a fashion parade,painting t-shirt writing in english,karaoke,quiz show,questions and answers,moving games,big dictation,scrable,...
At the end they made a flashmove that they were dancing  at the english classes at school.Then you can watch photos and a video too.
They had a funny day!They said: it was amazing!

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